Free Pokemon GO accounts to give away

Interested in a free Pokemon Go account?

We are giving away one account per IP. Account levels usually range between 26-35, the max we’ve had was 38, but this is rare and was already taken. snorlax

How do we get them? Well we managed to get access to a bunch of pokemon trainers acc-s that people have stopped using. We are giving away a free pokemon go account per person ( we’re checking this by IP addresses, so YES, it is possible to get more if you know how to change your IP.)

We currently have 61 accounts (updated daily) remaining. Check back, if we’ve run out of the accs, we’re getting more each week.

How to get an account? Proceed to THIS PAGE

Happy gaming and stay safe!



Pokemon go free accounts – About the game:

Pokemon Go is a game by Japanese company Niantic. The game is free to play on iOS, Android devices. The game was launched in July 2016 and received massive success thereon after. The game is one of the first and the first major release of a GPS style game with augmented reality option. Ofcourse, the game supports in-app purchases. Players are able to purchase poke coins, that able to purchase additional items to speed up levelling.

The game suffered technical issues in the beginning and thus was thoroughly criticised by critics and players around the world. Despite the criticism, the game found support among people for supporting out-door activities. Pokemon go became widespread and was downloaded over 500 million times worldwide. The game also helped local businesses grow through abling stores to add pokestops close to or into their locations.

Pokemon go has reported to be the main caused or various accidents around the world, where people have been playing the game and thus have lost attention and caused accidents. Some countries have considered banning the game because of that, no real bans have so far been set, although some legislation has been passed.

Gameplay – the player is first prompted to choose his/her appearance after which you will be taken into the world of Pokemon GO. The game is filled with pokestops, where players get various neccesary items for catching pokemon and fighting in gyms. Gyms are accessible once player has reached level 5. The player will have to choose a team, after which they are able to take on battles in gyms or train in friendly gyms.

When players move in the real world, they also move in the game. While moving around, various pokemon will appear, once clicked on, the player will have a chance to catch them with a pokeball. Once caught, the pokemon will be registered in pokedex. There are a total of 150 pokemons The first person to catch all 150 was an American, who managed to complete the set in 1,5 weeks since launch of the game in the United States.

Players are able to earn experience for catching pokemon, evolving them to higher levels and for fighting in gyms. Once levels increase, the ability to catch higher level pokemons also increases. Maximum level is 40, requiring 20 000 000 xp.

Good luck and happy gaming!

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CSGO Hacks – Aimbot and Wallhack included

Are you looking for some simple CSGO Hacks?

We are finally able to offer aimbot and wallhack in one easy small program.

Having combined the two features into one hack, you will be able to use them both or one at a time while playing.

Our CSGO Hacks program is VAC (Valve-anti cheat) proof, so you will not be noticed ingame, unless you use them too obviously.

How to get the program file?

All you need to do is download (the files is only 8.2 mb), install and open. The file looks like this on your desktop:

csgo hacks

After opening the “CSGO Hacks”, open up Counter Strike GO.

  • To turn on/off Wallhack – press F9
  • To turn on/off Aimbot – press F10

And that’ s it! Happy gaming guys!

NB! If you like our Hack or have any questions, please write to us @ or leave a comment.

To get the file CLICK HERE.

Our Wallhack in use edited by George Allen:

About Counter Strike Global Offensive

CSGO is an online shooting game written by Hidden Path Entertainment in association with Valve Corp. Before CSGO, there have been three previous versions of Counter Strike.

The newest version came out on 2012.

How does the game work?

When entering a server, a player is asked to join either a terrorist or a counter-terrorist party. The aim of the terrorist’s team is to plant a bomb or to keep the hostages until the time runs out. The aim of the CT – counter terrorist’s team is to free to hostages or defuse the bomb. The game is also won after eliminating the entire other team. Usually the player has to wait until the next round to play again after he/she has died in that particular round.

Players receive funds from killing other people or completing assignments. The winning team receives a larger amount of funds. The funds able players to purchase different in-game weapons, grenades and other related equipment.

There are 5 game styles in counter strike global offensive:

  1. the casual game style – this includes the bomb and hostage scenarios.
    1. bomb – the terrorist team has two bomb sites available to plant the c4 bomb. After planting, the bomb will start ticking and if not defused before the clock runs out, the bomb will explode, destroying everyone who are close by and allowing the terrorist team to win. The counter-terrorist team has an option to purchase bomb-defusal kit at the beginning of each round allowing them to decrease the time spent to defuse the c4 bomb. If the ct team manages to defuse the bomb, they will win the round regardless if there are any terrorists still alive.
    2. hostages – at the beginning of a hostage scenario round the terrorists are holding people hostage. Their aim is to keep the hostages at their base until the clock runs out or to kill the entire CT team. The CT team has to free all the hostages or eliminate the Terrorist team in order to win the round.
  2. Race of arms – in this playing style, each player gets a new weapon for killing an enemy. After dying, the player is instantly reborn and will be able to continue the battle.
  3. deathmatch – this playing style consists of rounds with a set amount of time. Players go after the highest amount of kills. The weaker the weapon, the higher the amount of points per kill. If a player dies, they will automatically respawn.
  4. demolition – when starting this sort of playing style, the players start bare-handed. They will be given weapons after they have killed an enemy. The aim is to plant a bomb to the enemies base. If the bomb detonates, the team wins.

Playing Counter Strike Global Offensive Online

Players are able to play CSGO online via Steam. Players are filtered based on their skill set. Each player has an opportunity to choose the map he/she likes to play. Different additions are also available.

Cheating in Counter Strike

People have tried to hack counter strike since the game was initially released. The developers are using VAC system to fights cheaters and hackers. Depsite the fact that implementing VAC has reduced the amount of cheaters, there are still numerous ways to hack csgo without getting caught. Server owners are also able to ban the players that are obviously hacking. Often times counter strike players are using cheats so obviously that almost every player is able to detect them. The main cheats include wallhack and aimbot. The first one ables the user to see other players through walls giving them an unfair advantage. The other hack ables players to shoot directly to the opponent’ s head resulting in an instant head-shot or simply hit them every time they shoot. Again providing an enormous edge over other players.

Another option is to talk to your teammembers via 3rd party applications after one of the players has died. After dying, the player becomes a spectator and can easily identify the locations of his opponents and thus allow their team members to gain an unfair advantage.

Happy gaming!

(if you missed the initial link)


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Free Runescape Membership

Free Runescape Membership Cards

Dear fans. We are super proud to announce that we are now able to offer free runescape membership cards to all our members!

This is the card that is sold on gaming stores. The cards have a code that you can enter into your account in order to subscribe to member.

free runescape membership 4

How do we get the cards?

Now these codes have an algorhytmic origin, meaning that there is a sequence that creates those codes. If you get 3 codes, you are able to reverse-engineer the sequence with a program.

There are 2 main options in the US marketplace which we were able to crack. The 90 day and 30 day cards.

free runescape membership free runescape membership 3

For each code we need to make sure that they work. So we run test with the generated codes. We currently have verified:

  • 58 90-day cards,
  • 312 30-day cards.

We will update the numbers daily, although right now it seems that if more than 30 people claim their codes per day, we will be in shortage soon.

How can you get a free runescape membership card?

You do not need the card itself, only the code from it. We have set up a file downloader, which automatically ads a new code when the previous one has been claimed.

The file is an Excel document and only contains the membership PIN. After receiving your pin go to and push “Activate Pre-Paid Card”.

free runescape membership 5

Log in and enter your PIN. That’s it!

Click the below link to get your pin.

NB! (Only 1 per IP per month)

Free Runescape Membership Cards

About Runescape Membership

Did you know that 90% of players online are members? That is a fact often published by Jagex in order to make you realize that the majority of players are loving the member benefits

The main benefits of being a subscriber are over 184 extra incredible quests, 10 formidable skills, 37 minigames, 3 times larger world, ability to make your own home and a lot more. Runescape also has a loyalty programme exclusive to members only.

Becoming a member has been made quite easy. 1-month membership costs about 8-9 $. Minor discounts are offered if subscribing for more months at once. Jagex accepts most credit cards and also Paypal.

Comparison between Free Players and Members:

  • Free players receive 24 quests, members have over 208.
  • Free players have 16 different skills to level, members have 26.
  • There are 4 minigames for free players, as members have over 41.
  • Free players are able to get 1 treasure hunter keys per day, as members are able to receive 2.
  • Members get a 10% discount to Solomon’s General Store.
  • Members have a full list of armour and weapons, as free players have only a very limited selection up to runite armour.
  • Free players only have 88 bank space, as members have 556.
  • Members are able to have full character customisation, as free players only have limited possibilities.
  • Members have a much wider range of game world accesses.
  • Members receive no adverts.
  • Members are subject to loyalty programme.
  • Name chaning is also possible for members only.
  • Clan Citadels are offered for members only.
  • Free players have 2 Grand Exchange Slots as members have 6.
  • Free players are prohibited from having in-game pets.
  • Members are able to build their own houses using the construction skill, only available for members.
  • Members are able to receive skill capes.
  • Members are able to use full transportation and navigation possibilities throughout the game, free players have a very limited possibility to move around.
  • Members receive priority customer support services.
  • Full Screen Graphics are only available for members.
  • Adventurer´s log is available only for members.

If you are seriously interested in Runescape, we believe that getting a membership is essential. We are bringing you an option to get this for free for a limited time so use it now. As of writing, we believe to be able to offer new free cards each month, but we are not sure how long this “loophole” will exists.

Best of luck in your gaming!

Also check out free runescape accounts section on our site for free accounts.

Here’ s the link for Free Runescape Membership again if you missed it above.


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